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Product image 1"UN DRINK COME SI DEVE"
Product image 2"UN DRINK COME SI DEVE"


The Reinassance of mixing, the advent of mixology, the explosion of tailor-made cocktails and the recovery of lost ingredients.

Nowadays, these topics are part of our routines and the daily lives of customers and industry professionals.

But when did it all begin?

Who materially produced the breakthrough in our customs?

A Proper Drink is the first contemporary book, the only current work that tells the story of how our contextual world awoke and evolved, which young bartenders, professionals and entrepreneurs marked the turning point, who were those supermen who charted the change and saved the civilised drinking world.

A journey of spirit this time into the present day, among the recipes of the new Modern Classics, the best hotels and bars in the world, the stars of bartending, cocktail conferences, new company policies, the entry of science into the bar and culture from the East.


Author: Robert Simonson

Pages: 349

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